Our Clients

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We are proud of the companies and individuals who have allowed us to serve them. Tav Language customers include some of the best-known companies in practically all industries.


-Landscape Vision (Construction Area)
-ZTE de Vzla (Satellite and Communications)
-PDS Industrias y Comercio S.A. (Food Import)
-Hyundai de Venezuela (Engineering Projects)
-Tejeduria Suramericana C.A. (Fabrics)
-Rutaca (Air Transportation)
-Translogistica de vzla (Transportation)
-Fundación Badan (Medical Research)
-Ornatos Decor (Catering & Celebrations)
-Refritodo Internacional (Fasta Food Area)
-Venezolana de Navegación
-Marina Puerto Varadero Yacht Club (Club)
-Representaciones Marora (Investments)
-Materiales Dimacoy (Building Construction)
-Premium de Venezuela (Importing Appliances)
-Banco Fondo Común (Banking)
-Derwick Associates Corp (Engineering)
-Grupo Benzoven (Chemical Products)
-Grupo Celcom (Cellular Phones)
-Alimentos Heinz (Food Production)
-Daewoo de Venezuela (Petro Chemical)
-Noffra 2000 (Importer of spare parts)
-Newtelco, C.A. (Importing Electronic Products)
-Infotel (Telecommunications)
-CF Abogados (Lawyer Buffet)
-Statmark (Market studies)
-Allied British Oil Company (Oil Company)
-MKM Ministries (Christian Ministry)
-Bayer (Pharmaceutical)
-Brightstar de Venezuela (Telecommunications)
-Grupo Poseidon (Importer Company)