About Us

Our Offices Caracas, Venezuela  (Since 2014)



A professional businessman, with advanced studies in the English language in the area of business in the USA. and professional translator with more than 15 years of experience.
–Plans and directs all aspects of the Organization‘s policies, objectives, and initiatives. Responsible for profitability for short and long term and the growth of the Corporation.
–Develop and implement courses of English Express in company  with the help of online video teachings

A professional businesswoman with postgraduate studies in the area of Business Administration. With Advanced Courses taken in the USA. The leader of human resources with a strategic orientation, broad business perspective and extensive experience in complex enterprises with Trade Union and non–Union environments with proven experience of over 20 years in the management of human resources.

Elsie Margot Corredor: Administrative Supervisor.

Gustavo Vargas:  Logistics Assistant.

Ludyelit Cermeño: Accountant

Franz Gonzalez: Associate Degree in General Studies, Michigan, USA. Legal Translation in the UCV. Public Interpreter of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Antonietta Parrilli: Bachelor in Modern Languages from UNIMET, with more than twenty years as a business translator.

Professional Translators:

Valeria Pucharelli: Modern Language Bachelor. UNIMET.

Lydia Reyes. Associate Degree in Foreign Commerce.

Daniel Villada: Bachelor in Modern Languages from UNIMET.

Moreh Freddy Montiel: Hebrew Language. Sociology Bachelor.

Helen Da Silva: Portuguese Language. Associate Degree in Modern Languages.